We Pledge to Become an HP-Free Church

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For thousands of years, churches have served as places to give thanks, to bring families together, to provide sanctuary for those in need. We cannot allow these core commitments to be diminished by allowing companies complicit in human rights abuses to establish themselves in our houses of worship. Hewlett Packard (HP) provides Israel with the technological tools to facilitate its oppression of the Palestinian people. HP profits from the illegal Israeli occupation by providing:

  • Key information technology systems used by the Israeli navy to enforce the deadly blockade and destruction of Gaza

  • Technologies, such as the discriminatory BASEL ID system, used by the Israeli army to restrict the movement of Palestinians living in the West Bank and to maintain Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land

  • Services and technologies to major Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, including Ariel and Mod’in Illit

HP also profits from immigrant detention and mass incarceration in the United States by providing:

  • Information management for both state and private prisons—
    technology that tracks prisoner data and is essential not only for the continued incarceration of millions of black and poor people, but also for widespread legal discrimination against former prisoners

  • Technology used by the Obama administration’s Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to track, raid, detain, and deport millions of immigrant families, on a scale unprecedented in U.S. history

The Presbyterian Church, Unitarian Universalists, United Church of Christ, Quaker Friends Fiduciary, and Alliance of Baptists have all divested from HP at the denominational level. Let’s bring this courageous stand to the congregational level by becoming an HP-free church. 


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As a community of faith, we recognize that mass incarceration, restrictions on movement, and illegal settlements and occupation are unjust, unsustainable, and irresponsible practices.

Until HP ends its complicity in the illegal Israeli occupation and ceases to profit from the violation of Palestinian human rights, we pledge to not buy Hewlett Packard products, including printers, computers, and ink.

(If you are unable to sign on behalf of your congregation, you can sign as an individual here.) 

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