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2017 Membership Drive

Join our nation-wide network of activists and advocates for justice in Palestine.
Membership requires a minimum donation of just $12 a year.

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Today, the situation in Palestine is dire--Gaza is becoming uninhabitable, millions of refugees have been fighting for the right of return for nearly seventy years, Jerusalem is being aggressively ethnically cleansed by Zionist settlers, and Palestinians’ basic human rights are being brutally violated every day.

We do not have to sit idle and watch as atrocities unfold. In fact, it is our moral obligation to act. While the situation in Palestine may be at a tipping point, the Palestine solidarity movement within the United States grows stronger by the day. Now is the time to take action--to answer the Palestinian call to participate in Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) and mobilizing our communities to take action.