Clergy Members Stand with New Orleans

nopsc_support.pngTo the City Council of New Orleans:  Our affirmation, thanks and esteem.
With deep appreciation for the New Orleans City Council, we affirm and support the Council's January 11, 2018 action to elevate human, civil and labor rights criteria in City investments and contracts.
Especially in light of intense opposition to your principled stand, we thank you for your political and moral courage.  No nation should be exempt from the standards of human, civil and labor rights as expressed in your resolution.  This includes the nation of Israel, noted by your detractors as vulnerable to censure based upon its policies and actions.
It is incumbent upon elected leaders at all levels to embrace the political trust and ethical responsibility they hold as stewards of public funds.  
This is especially true at this critical moment in history when global corporations abuse human rights to the detriment of communities and individuals.
As Christian leaders, we honor the New Orleans City Council for taking a first, historic step. Thank you for establishing a process to create investment and contractual screening based on human, civil and labor rights.
You continue the legacy of bold leaders such as Nelson Mandela, who said, "To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity." 
By affirming the values stated in its Resolution as central to the fiscal commitments of New Orleans, the City Council has offered distinguished leadership for New Orleans and a model for cities across the nation.
We salute you for this action and hope other municipalities will follow your lead.

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