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Our Privileged Passage

This Christmas season, Friends of Sabeel invites you to turn to the Mary and Joseph in your lives with a renewed commitment to move in solidarity with them. We will not hide from our responsibility. We will welcome our new family members. We will transform our churches and cities from places that deny their worth to places that are led by their experience. In giving a gift this Christmas, you will recommit to building a new world, to being transformed, and to honoring refugees as they insist upon the right to exist, the right to move, and the right to return.

"The world of kingdoms will always privilege my dreams and deny my Palestinian family’s, no matter how I tie my wellness to their own. Recognizing this — that domination obstructs our capacity for reciprocal relationships with one another — propels us to new methods, new openness, and costly commitments that risk losing everything to build anew." Read more from Ashleigh Zimmerman here.

Artwork by Kelly Latimore, www.kellylatimoreicons.com.

Friends of Sabeel is a certified 501c3 non-profit organization. 

Your gift helps support our programs in the United States, including educational conferences, witness trips, theological education in our seminaries, speakers' bureau, church & community outreach, and much more.

To ensure your gift provides a maximum impact, please consider committing to make a monthly donation by clicking here

 Prefer to donate via check? If so, please make your check out to "Friends of Sabeel - North America" and mail it to:

Friends of Sabeel North America

PO Box 3192, Greenwood, CO 80155