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    Thank you for renewing your membership and supporting Friends of Sabeel North America!

    Your continuing membership supports our many volunteers, church leaders, scholars, and activists in confronting Christian Zionism and advocating for Palestinian rights. See our latest updates at

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    Friends of Sabeel is a certified 501c3 non-profit organization. 


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    Friends of Sabeel North America

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  • signed Thank You Alliance of Baptists 2016-04-22 09:20:12 -0700

    Dear Alliance of Baptists Members,

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    We applaud the recent unanimous decision of the Alliance of Baptists to divest from companies that profit from AOB-vertical-large.pnghuman rights violations as part of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. The statement brought forward by the Justice in Palestine and Israel Community, which passed at the national gathering, also directs individual alliance members and congregations to strengthen their educational and advocacy efforts including boycotting settlement goods, advocating for an end to U.S. government support of the occupation, and challenging all forms of racism and religious bigotry directed against Jews and Muslims. We thank the Alliance of Baptists members for their support in passing this courageous statement and hope their inspiring action will serve as a model for other faith-based communities in the United States.

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